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Beard Boar Brush

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Every tool performs a job, and our Boar Brush does just that. Brushes add volume to a beard, unlike combs. Combs are a perfect way to lay a beard down with control, but a brush will add volume.

Our Brush Applies Balm, Cream, and Oils Far Better Than Synthetic Bristles. Use the Brush to Massage Skin Beneath the Beard and To Help Prevent Beard-Druff? (Dandruff of the Beard) and Residue For Clean and Stylish Looking Facial Hair.

Please be aware that brushes only last so long, if you want a tool that lasts forever, look at our stainless combs.

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5 reviews for Beard Boar Brush

  1. Kevin M

    Nice beard brush. Soft bristles

  2. Zachary D

    Good product, brush is strong enough and very portable.

  3. Gregory A

    I bought this hoping to stimulate some beard hair growth. Very cool looking and high quality from what I can tell.

  4. Conrad A

    This brush is great. The quality is awesome it holds up well and is soft but also not too soft to where it doesn’t do its job properly.

  5. Marc E

    Very good quality brush for thick beards

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